Strange scene at a wake

A strange scene took place a few days ago at a wake at Tanner’s Hill, Deptford.

An inmate of the Greenwich Union, named Mary Scott, had died, and the body was taken to the house of her two daughters, where preparations were made for holding a wake.

One of the daughters, however, declared that the body was not that of her mother, whilst the other stoutly maintained that it was.

A fierce dispute ensued, and after a prolonged altercation it was decided to call in a third person, an aged woman who had known the deceased well.

This person emphatically said that the body was not that of Mrs Scott at all.

Ultimately the body was returned to the union, where it was found that a mistake had been made, and another corpse was shown the daughters, who this time agreed that the second body resembled their mother less than the first.

The upshot of the affair was that the parent was found to be still alive.

The Edinburgh Evening News, January 18, 1877.

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