Insanity versus sanity – cricketing extraordinary

It may not be uninteresting to many readers of the Salisbury Journal to be informed that a match of cricket was played on Saturday, the 9th of June, on the cricket ground of Dr. Finch, at Fisherton.

The Doctor and some friends, including a former patient, on a visit, comprised a side of ten, and were opposed to an equal number of the Doctor’s patients.

After two hours contest for the victory, some good bowling and fielding having been displayed on both sides, strange to say, yet not more strange than true, the score ran as follows:- Patients, 1st innings, 77; 2nd innings, 34: total 111. – The Doctor and friends, 1st innings 26; 2nd innings 24: total, 50 – thus giving the victory to the patients by a difference of 61 runs.
Does this not say something in behalf of the patients, as respects mind and body.

The Salisbury and Winchester Journal, June 16, 1849.

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