Extraordinary case

The Times gives the particulars of a death which took place a few days ago from a singular cause at Gayton-le-Marsh.

The deceased was a woman about thirty years of age, and as her medical attendants had been much puzzled as to the nature of her illness, they obtained permission from the relatives to make a post-mortem examination.

The result is this described:- “A solid tumour, composed of human hair, resembling in appearance a black duck with a very long neck, and weighing nearly two pounds, was found to occupy and nearly fill the stomach and gullet, following a tolerable accurate mould of these organs and extending from the stomach almost into the mouth.

“This remarkable concretion had caused great thickening and ulceration of the stomach, and was the remote cause of her death.

“On inquiry, a sister stated that during the last twelve years she had known the deceased to be in the habit of eating her own hair.

“The occurrence of a similar case to the above is either so rare or so seldom detected, that several medical men of large experience never remember ever having heard of one like it.”

The Liverpool Daily Post, November 3, 1869.

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