A plucky dog

A curious instance of the interest taken by a dog in a horse race occurred at Jersey City on May 26.

One of the contestants, a mare named Kate, broke at the beginning of a heat, when a dog which had been stabled with her rushed on the track barking encouragingly round her.

She settled into a trot, and with him at her heels gained ground, straining every nerve until she got to the half-mile pole.

At this point he fell behind, and Kate at once began to lose ground. He sprang once more to her side, and leaping and barking, pushed her to the top of her strength.

Ladies waved their handkerchiefs, and men swung their hats in excitement. Kate, in a fine burst of speed, won by a neck, with Jack in the lead, and seemingly beside himself with joy.

The Edinburgh Evening News, July 14, 1882.

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