A fearful vendetta

A despatch to the Chicago Times says: Señora Amastus Rubio de Pascadera, a woman bandit, was buried by the side of her lover at San Antonio, Zacatecas, Mexico, on the 17th ult.

In early womanhood her intended husband was killed by Federal troops, and on his grave she swore vengeance. Her oath was to kill five men every year of her life, and she more than kept it.

Her first exploit was to rob the Agas Calaentes stage near Zacatecas. Single-handed she drove the postilions to flight, hailed the stage, and ordered a supposed hand of assistants concealed in the chapparal not to shoot unless resistance was offered. The eight passengers gave a good booty.

She continued a career of robbery for many years, which terrorised the citizens of Sinaloa, Jalisco and Sonora, and enriched herself.

The authorities and troops were powerless to suppress her. She bequeathed her fortune to charities, dying a natural death in obscurity.

The Gloucester Citizen, January 7 1888.

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