An extraordinary scene

Yesterday, a curious scene was witnessed in the Rue Descartes, Paris, where an itinerant vendor of pamphlets was hawking a brochure, “How to Correct Woman,” and loudly crying his wares.

A young woman, incensed at the title of the book, inflicted a sound slap on the hawker’s face; other members of the so-called tender sex joined their champion, and gave the unfortunate wretch a severe drubbing, scattering the offending pamphlets in the mud of the pavement.

Some men took the part of the vendor, and a general scuffle ensued. A regular scrimmage went on for half an hour, hats, caps and bonnets, and false hair flying in all directions.

Finally, the female contingent retreated in disorder, and the hawker left the neighbourhood, vowing that he would never again attempt to sell inflammatory brochures in that quarter of Paris.

The Evening News, Portsmouth, September 26, 1882.

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