A singular incident

A melancholy fracas has occurred at Indianapolis owing to an actor being bitten by a dog.

It seems that there is an actor there of such exquisite proportions that he is known as the Apollo Belvedere. He was walking in the streets the other day and exciting universal admiration by the magnificent proportions of his limbs, when he accidentally stepped on the tail of a terrier dog who happened to come across his path.

The enraged animal immediately turned and bit the actor severely in the calf of the leg. The wounded man, however, stalked on apparently unconscious of the injury he had received until a bystander called his attention to the circumstance.

He immediately stopped, and the utmost sympathy was felt for him and expressed by the spectators until to their amazement and horror they saw flowing from the wound – not a drop of blood – but a thin stream of sawdust.

The incident naturally caused a painful sensation in the city, and was mentioned with kindly regret by one of the local papers. This annoyed the actor excessively, and announcing his intention to chastise the editor he proceeded to the office of that gentleman to carry out his intention; but the muscles of his arms proved as little formidable as the calves of his legs, and after a short and sharp struggle he was ignominiously kicked by the editor out of his room.

Altogether he has sadly fallen in the estimation of the public, and it is understood he contemplates retirement from the stage-at all events for a time.

The Manchester Evening News, June 12, 1873.

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