Curious adventure of an explorer. To marry or be burnt. A terrible alternative.

Orchid-hunting leads to strange adventures. M. Hamelin, the collector who has sent home all the specimens of the Eulophiella Elizabethæ that have hitherto reached these shores, narrates in a letter how he won a bride and moreover secured his preserves of the famous plant from all poaching on the part of brother depradators – or, more euphemistically, plant-collectors.

While searching the woods of Madagascar he had for guide and hunter the brother of the chief, Mayambosa.  This unhappy guide had the misfortune to be so severely mauled by a Madagascar lion that he died, and M. Hamelin returned alone to tell the tale.

After the recital, the irate chief gave the survivor the option of marrying the widow or being greased and burnt. He chose the lesser of two evils, but coupled with the marriage contract an undertaking on the part of his brother-in-law to close those lands to all other orchid-seekers.

The Liverpool Echo, July 8, 1893.

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