Extraordinary marriage: Brobdingnagians and Lilliputians

A wedding of an extraordinary character took place at the registrar’s office at South Shields on Saturday, the bridal pair being a little lady “mite” only 32 inches high, and “Professor” Hedley, solo euphonium player, who is 6ft. 1in. in height.

The gentleman who gave the lady away was Monsieur Hubert, a man without arms, who signed the marriage certificate with a pen between his teeth, and the bridesmaids were Nina, an American giantess, who is 44 stone in weight, and Satanella, the “Fire Queen”.

The best man was Captain Dallas, who is 7ft. 10in, in height, and General Metilene, who is 29½in. in height, formed one of the party, all of whom are connected with a menagerie circus which is travelling the country.


The Coventry Evening Telegraph, April 27, 1891

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