A widow found embracing a corpse

A few evenings ago (says the Troy Press) a gentleman of Somerset, Ky, was returning home from a ride in the country, when, on passing a graveyard, his horse became scared at a white-looking object among the graves.

Dismounting and tying his horse, he opened the gate and started on a voyage of discovery towards the cause of his horse’s fright, which turned out to be a woman sitting at the side of a grave with a corpse in her arms.

Retracing his steps, the gentleman remounted, and soon raised the alarm. Returning in a short time with a couple of citizens, the woman was found still sitting on the damp ground, at the mouth of the grave, singing a low lullaby, and supporting the head of the dead man on her bosom.

The men recognised her immediately as the daughter of a neighbour. On the approach of the party she raised her hand and motioned them to be quiet, and said “John was sleeping and not to wake him” and when the men tried to move her from the loathsome place, exclaimed in the most heartrending and piteous manner to be left alone, “that John would get cold out in the dark; and that he was sleeping now, but would waken in a short time and talk to her.”

The young lady is the daughter of John Braddon. She is a beautiful and intelligent young lady, and was married ten days ago to a young man of this country by the name of Hinds, who fell a victim of consumption the week after the wedding.

The young lady was very deeply affected by the loss of her young husband, and it was feared that a mental derangement would be the result of her suffering. The crisis came at last. She escaped from her room, and stealing across the fields, entered the graveyard, and managed by some means to disinter the body of her husband.

The Worcestershire Chronicle, April 16, 1881.

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