A lady and her inventions

A lady named Jeannopolo, who was described as having a very active brain which invented things by the dozen, on Thursday sought by an action in the Westminster County Court to obtain from a patent agent named Hughes the return of £42 she had paid to him.

The enumeration of the contrivances which plaintiff invented caused much amusement in court. There was a toothbrush rack, a fireproof cloak for actresses, “a patent parasol to protect parasols from the weather,” an improvement in connection with tills, by which all the money placed in the till was disinfected as it passed through, and a patent for disinfecting the dirt and refuse deposited on doormats.

It was stated that, having suddenly left off inventing and turned her mind to matrimony, the lady desired to recover the money she had paid to the agent, and the judge decided in her favour, but allowed the defendant three guineas for fees.

The Gloucester Citizen, February 17, 1893.

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