Strange story of a broken wooden leg

At the Gingerbread Fair yesterday (writes the Paris correspondent of the London Evening News) a young man named Thinet was imprudent enough to venture too close to a velocipede roundabout, and being caught by the leg in the machinery, was whirled along for several yards head downwards, and picked up in a fainting condition, with a broken leg.
On the way to the chemist’s shop near at hand Thinet became completely unconscious, and remained so until the arrival of the surgeon. While the latter was cutting away the rags of trouser from the broken limb Thinet came to, and in spite of the pain in which he presumably was in, began to laugh.
The broken leg was a wooden one, and he had escaped with nothing more severe than a bad headache and a bruise or two.
The queerest part of the adventure was, however, the arrival on the scene of another man who, while peacefully taking a glass of absinthe at a little cafe opposite the merry-go-round, was severely wounded in the face by the other half of the leg which had flown off at a tangent, broken a window, and hit him on the forehead.
The Manchester Evening News, April 12, 1899.
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