A mother’s fight with a bear

It is a long time since we have heard of any deaths being caused  by bears in France, but a few days ago a little shepherd boy was killed by one of these wild animals in the mountains of Savoy.

The villagers decided on getting up a hunt after the bear, and on the following day they started in search, but without effect.

On their return home they, however, perceived that the child’s mother, who had insisted on joining the party with a gun, had been left behind.

It was now night, but some of the people went back and scoured the woods in every direction. When day dawned they found the woman lying in a secluded spot, her dress in rags, her arms crushed, and her face covered with blood.

At her side was a huge bear, quite dead, its head smashed by a discharge from the gun which she had taken with her.

The villagers, after binding up her wounds as best they could, bore her with many precautions to her home, and the sufferer is progressing so satisfactorily that hope is entertained that she may eventually recover.

But the woman has not yet been able to give an account of her struggle with the bear which had killed her child. It must have been a fearful encounter, and the bold mountaineers are lost in amazement at the courage which she displayed.

The Evening Telegraph, Dundee, September 8, 1887

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