Fight between football teams

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An  exciting scene took place at the Middlewich Station, Cheshire, on Saturday evening, after a football match between Northwich and Crewe.

Both teams had assembled on opposite platforms waiting for trains, and whilst they were there they began hooting and cheering, and then one man challenged an aggressive antagonist to fight.

Both leaped on to the metals and fought desperately till separated by some railway officials. Then a number of the Northwich men ran across the line and stormed the platform occupied by the Crewe men, the uninterested passengers bolting right and left while the fight proceeded.

By the time the police arrived the Northwich men had practically gained possession of the platform, the Crewe men being outnumbered. The Crewe special then came in, and the police guarded the team off, many of them carrying away marks that will distinguish them for some time.

The Illustrated Police News April 13, 1889

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