Singular fatality

A despatch from Dayton, Ohio, dated June 16, states that the Hon. Mr Vallandigham accidentally shot himself that day at Lebanon.

It appears the deceased was present as leading counsel for the defence of a man named McGehan, who was accused of the murder of a man named Myers, by shooting him in the abdomen.

When the accident occurred he was in company with Lieutenant-Governor McBurney, who was associated with him in the defence, and the latter expressed some doubt as to the theory that Myers had shot himself.

Mr Vallandigham took up a pistol from the table, saying he would show Mr McBurney in half a second. There were two pistols on the table, one of which was loaded, and he, by mistake, took up the loaded one, put it in his pocket, and withdrew it, keeping the muzzle next his body; and just as he was withdrawing it, the pistol went off, and shot the unfortunate gentleman in exactly the same part of the body where Myers was shot.

The Western Daily Press, July 1, 1871.

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