A singular story

A strange story is reported from Rodez, a small town in the south of France.

A priest was walking – to all appearance quietly enough – down one of the streets, when suddenly a young and good-looking woman who was preceding him at the distance of about a yard fell to the ground.

The passers-by rushed up and carried the female to the hospital hard by, but she had ceased to live.

Meanwhile the priest was crying and exclaiming that he had killed her. He had an air-gun loaded with ball, which he had been using as a walking stick, and he said he had merely tapped the woman on the shoulder with it to attract her attention when it went off.

The ball had passed through her back and through one of her lungs.

The bystanders advised the priest not to go near the hospital, as they feared the dead woman’s husband might wreak his wrath on him, and in fact there was a very distressing scene when the poor man arrived and heard the sad truth. In the meantime the priest was taken into custody.

The Western Daily Press, July 15, 1890

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