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The Burglar Caught by a Skeleton has featured in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and in the Victorian Strangeness series on the BBC website.

Here’s a selection of reviews:


If you like black humour you will like Clay’s eclectic compilation. The Times.


Makes today’s tabloids seem positively tame. Must read. The Daily Mail.


Singular occurrences, shocking scenes, peculiar accidents: it’s Horrible Histories for grown-ups. The Independent on Sunday.


A fascinatingly different view of history. The Herald, Scotland


Jeremy Clay has managed to distil the funny, the disturbing and the downright heartbreaking. Fortean Times


You will laugh, cry, cringe and feel queasy, but you will not fail to enjoy this treasure trove of fascinating talesThe Press Association


Bonkers. Chat magazine.


A delightful romp through the seedy, saucy and sensational stories hidden away in the Victorian press … All the minutiae of Victorian life is here. The Field.


The Burglar Caught By A Skeleton is published in the UK by Icon Books and by Thistle.

Click here to buy it. Or here.

Better still, buy it from your local bookseller. If you’re lucky enough to be in Leicestershire, this place will see you right.





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